About Heron and Lamb Collective


Heron and Lamb Collective is a brand born out of chicago and inspired by the natural world. The collections evoke feelings of nostalgia and romanticism, while elements from nature, mysticism, ancient relics, and astrology echo sentiments from victorian and indigenous designs. 

Native Floridian Raven Locadia began production behind heron and lamb in 2010 and has since amassed a broad range of techniques and skills, such as glasswork, metalwork, resin casting, and stone inlaying, which has brought forth a unique and growing diversity to each collection. The imperfection of natural media in her work is a prominent theme. 

Through the use of lost wax and resin casting, glass blowing, etching, and hand- fabricating vessels through traditional metalsmithing techniques, each line echoes sentiments of the language of flowers, the age old practice of flower preservation, Victorian mourning jewelry, and lachrymatory tear bottles, which is the ancient practice of collecting one’s tears in bottles.