About the Brand

Heron and Lamb began in the winter of 2012 and it only included a line of terrarium-inspired jewelry. Since then, it has grown into a full lifestyle brand inspired by the simplicity and imperfections in nature. The use of natural fibers and preserved plant matter in jewelry and textile weavings are a homage to simpler times when much of art was derived from the imperfections and uniqueness of nature.

Inspired by the diverse characteristics of geography from the USA’s Southwest, Midwest, and Pacific Northwest coast, Heron and Lamb captures a rustic modern-approach to handmade. The theme of preservation is the consistent force behind the brand. Mosses and delicate flowers, seeds, and thorns are captured under glass or directly cast into metal to express the delicacy, timelessness, and imperishability of nature.


About the Designer

Raven Dawn Locadia created Heron and Lamb in a tiny Miami beach apartment in 2011. It grew from a small part time Etsy shop to a full time online retail shop within 7 months. Within the first year, Heron and Lamb launched its line with 4 major online retailers at a time when handmade and supporting the independent designer was becoming a trending force in the industry.

Much of the designs are inspired by the vast woodlands of the upper peninsula, where Raven lived for 5 years while attending school at Northern Michigan University for a degree in English writing.

Words into Work

"I usually design with works of literature in my mind. Writing will always be my most prominent form of communication and being, but I've recently become inspired by several works of literature for a few upcoming projects. Thoreau and Emerson are a given,  but there are also a lot of contemporary authors who inspire me to create with a certain theme hanging over my head, such as Richard Louv and Margaret Atwood. I like a fine balance of nature, dystopia, and a little bit of the macabre. I am finding myself drawn to how we use nature as a tool for art, personal growth, and medicine, so I've recently become addicted to reading about nature-based religions, indigenous astrology, and holistic medicine."




"In an age where communication and our connection to nature have shifted dramatically, it's important for me to produce work using traditional methods and natural materials to create timeless designs. It is my hope to inspire others to not only support sustainable and environmentally responsible businesses, but to want to reconnect with the natural world and rely on those resources."

"Sky above me, Earth below me, Fire within me"

- Native American Proverb

The Extended Collection

"Heron and Lamb Collective carries a line of woven textiles, which use recycled materials, preserved foliage, and American-mined gemstones- a technique inspired by the indigenous tribes of the country. Our line of light kimonos and dresses is designed with comfort, versatility, and femininity in mind. Each design is characterized by autumnal colors, loose hems, and long lengths for the ultimate free flowing garment.

The collection of home wares features rustic-bohemian collectibles that will add a sense of warmth, comfort, and individuality to any home."